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Raggio by Kaeshi

Hidden within Palacio Raggio best sushi in town just a few minutes from Cassa Lepage

Buenos Aires oriental food scene has grown consistently in recent years, and there are now many delicious options to choose from.

Raggio by Kaeshi Restaurant is located meters from Cassa Lepage, near the historic center of San Telmo. Hidden within the historic Raggio Palace that still retains its impressive facade dating from 1910.

International cuisine with Asian airs and the best Kaeshi-style sushi is delivered to you by Leo Choi.

Surrounded by a small art gallery, dark tones and industrial iron structures fusions with oil-blue Chesterfield armchairs, French-style pinotea tables and corduroy sidewalks, making of Raggio a charming place for an unforgettable evening.

Menu stand out with top notch traditional and crafted sushi pieces, such as octopus tiradito, salmon tataki and chirashis.

¿Where is it?

Raggio by Kaeshi is located at Moreno 502, just a few meters from Cassa Lepage.

¿Is reservation needed?

Get in mind Kaeshi is a high demand spot. As so we suggest make reservations in advance at

¿How about food and drinks?

Cuisine and Cocktail service has a vast variety from traditional argentine plates to crafted sushi pieces.

Sneak peek at the menu over

¿Which are the payment options?

Cash and all debit and credit cards.

¿Which days is it open?

Monday to Friday from 9:30 AM to 18:00 PM.

Saturday and Sundays closed.

¿At what time should I arrive?

WIth reservations try to a arrive with 15 minutes to spare.

In case you don’t have reservations, you probably have to wait a little bit.

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