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Romantic vibe in Buenos Aires

They say that Pedro de Mendoza, First Founder of the City in 1536, fell in love at first sight with the Rio de la Plata. Ever since Buenos Aires is often known as the Paris of South America.

With a French-style architecture feel the romantic vibe the city has to offer.

From roof terraces to coastal promenades, Buenos Aires has everything to offer lovers young and old. We round up the best places to take a date in the Argentine capital.

Reserva Ecológica

A favourite place for first, and probably sometimes last, dates, is the Reserva Ecológica on Buenos Aires’ south coast. This riverside eco reserve was reclaimed by nature and now boasts something of a biosphere right in the middle of the city. Take a walk or ride a bike through the many paths that wind their way through the grasses and rushes, or if you and your paramour are more active, go for a run around the reserve at the weekend.

Palacio Barolo

A nighttime tour of the Palacio Barolo is a romantic activity for lovers of architecture, and a good story. Based on Dante’s Divine Comedy, a guided tour brings groups through the lower floors of the office building up to the dome at the top, where you get spectacular views across Plaza Congreso towards the congress building.

Make reservations at +541143811885

Puerto Madero

Who wouldn’t be wooed by the gleaming skyscrapers and the culinary delights of Buenos Aires’ most prestigious neighbourhood, Puerto Madero? This regenerated port is perfect for an evening stroll while the sun is going down, before stopping into one of the area’s luxury hotels for a glass of champagne. Check out the famous Puente de la Mujer, designed by world renowned architect Santiago Calatrava.

San Telmo

Walk around the cobbled streets of San Telmo and let yourself be transported back to another time. This is the oldest neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, and still has that old world charm. Go for lunch in Cafe Rivas, or for dinner in El Refuerzo, and check out the antiques market. Doppleganger is great for a romantic cocktail, or head to Napoles for a shock of extravagance.


A day out in the idyllic waterways of Tigre in the Parana delta is a surefire way to win the heart of your lover. Take a boat trip around the murky waters of the river delta, and stop for lunch on one of the islands, where you can take in the beautiful, rustic scenery of this charming marshland.

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