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The link with the history of Buenos Aires


The link with our history

The Belgrano Passage was built at the end of the 19th century, it was a quarter-block commercial promenade, which was accessed both through Bolívar and Belgrano streets. The upper floors were rental housing. Under the current floor the remains of its past are preserved, dating back to the early days of colonial Buenos Aires.

The passage has been part of the art circuit of the city of Buenos Aires since 2017. It is in itself a tourist attraction that offers concerts, presentations, art exhibitions and cultural activities. It is made up of the Puerta del Inca Restaurant, the various event rooms and the covered patio.  


A story to recover

Cassa Lepage is located in one of the historic buildings in Monserrat, a neighborhood that has been part of the city of Buenos Aires since its very foundation.  


Its remodeling began in 2005 and involved the development of archaeological excavations and historical investigations that made it possible to reconstruct the complex history of the building and the site that houses it. 

Thus, dozens of underground structures and hundreds of objects dating back to the early seventeenth century were recovered.  


More than 300 square meters of the current building are dedicated to the exhibition of archaeological finds that allow us to reconstruct daily life in old Buenos Aires.  


Hotel guests have unlimited access to the museum, while visitors can take guided tours by reservation. 



Private and traveling collection

Established in Buenos Aires in the historic Belgrano Passage, the Cassa Lepage Art Gallery extends over the walls of the hotel, both from the corridors, the suites and  meeting rooms. The art gallery features the most prominent contemporary artists from Argentina. The art exhibits include the forms of sculpture, painting, photography, shows and installations. These projects reflect collaborative and independent efforts with other galleries around the world.



Belgrano Passage

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