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Cohiba Atmosphere

Cassa Lepage signature experience features exclusive Habano vitolario in Buenos Aires.

In a corner made palace 110 years ago in the first Buenos Aires neighborhood, just 2 blocks from Cassa Lepage, most prestigious brand of Habanos, Cohiba Atmosphere offers the best standards of service when it comes to enjoying a wide range of Habanos and vitolas combined with old fashioned whiskey before the eyes – fixed – of Al Capone, Che Guevara and John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Cohiba owes its name to the native language of the Taino Indians – on the current island of Cuba – which they used to refer rolled tobacco leaves.

They say that Christopher Columbus witnessed it there in 1492.

Cohiba Atmosphere was designed to achieve the best reference of excellence and good taste, in a perfect combination between Past and Modern Times, thus dazzling Habano lovers.

It’s high clay in sight brick ceilings and imposing columns dating back to 1901, subtly join with the ultimate technology to preserve the quality of Habanos.

Sit and relax with a D Series Nº4 Partagás paired up with a measure of Kavalan, a suitable whisky made in Taiwán or get a custom selection of puros from the Cigar Sommelier while enjoying the ultimate delites from Claudio Román, former Chef of Tegui, the only Argentine restaurant in World’s Top 50.

There are 39 brands of cigars and all belong half to the Cuban state and half to the Spanish company Altadis, a member of the British group Imperial Tobacco.

In case you were wondering, yes an “imperial” company has a partnership with the “revolutionary” State. And so they sell cigars in 150 countries on 5 continents.

─ With only 10 Cohiba Atmospheres in the world ─ says Valeria, the Cigar Sommelier─. For quality, services and technology, this one is the best of all.

¿Where is it?

“Cohiba Atmosphere Buenos Aires” operates at Raggio Palace: a French-style tower designed in 1907 and refurbished a decade ago at Moreno 518 just around the corner from Cassa Lepage.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Saturday from 19:00 PM to 01:00 AM

Sunday closed

¿Is reservation needed?

Reservations can be made by WSP (011) 15-5133-2825 or at

¿Is there a parking nearby?

As exclusive as it is, Cohiba Atmosphere is a hidden bar, so car entrance is around the corner.

Garage entrance is over Boliver 319.

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