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Sunday Feria in San Telmo

San Telmo’s feria, or market, is held every Sunday throughout the year and is probably the area’s most famous attraction. Every Sunday locals and tourists fill up Calle Defensa and Plaza Dorrego to visit the many stalls selling antiques, hand-made crafts and souvenirs. Historically, the market began with just antique sellers on Plaza Dorrego. Over time the street that connects the plaza with the city’s most important square, Plaza de Mayo, has become full of stalls too. The feria is a great place to visit during the morning, since it’s a little quieter then (though still busy). Plus, Calle Defensa is packed with restaurants where visitors can stop for lunch after a morning spent shopping.

Antique Shops

Thanks to San Telmo’s rich history, it is one of the best places in Buenos Aires to buy antiques. Not only is the Sunday feria a great place to shop for some old-fashioned collectable items, but throughout the week a stroll down Calle Defensa will take visitors past a huge number of specialist shops. While the Sunday market is cheaper, the shops around the area are more specialist and run by professional antique dealers. For serious collectors San Telmo is a great place to visit. Some of the top antiques shops include Silvia Petroccia, Guevara Art Gallery, and Gil Antigüedades, all found on Calle Defensa.

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