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Avant-Garde Cocktails in San Telmo

La Puerta Roja

The sister bar to the Banco Rojo restaurant, La Puerta Roja has been a staple of the San Telmo scene for many years. With its rowdy yet friendly atmosphere, drinks specials and pool table, La Puerta Roja is the go-to spot for anyone looking to get a real taste of San Telmo nightlife.


This legit cocktail bar is the only place you should be heading to for your potent potions on a night out in San Telmo. With its dimly-lit interior that recalls an old-time speakeasy, the classy decor complements the wicked drinks on offer. Although there are a number of other bars serving cocktails in the neighborhood, Doppleganger is one of the only ones that is exclusively cocktail-oriented.


A firm favourite of beer lovers, Bierlife ticks many boxes, no matter what kind of drinker you are. Looking for somewhere low-key but fun for a date? Bierlife has got you covered. Want to sneak in a cheeky after-work drink? Bierlife has a happy hour just for you. Looking to get the party started somewhere cool and fun? Bierlife is on hand to whip up those previa vibes.

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