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Cassa Lepage is located in one of the historical buildings of Monserrat, a neighborhood that has been part of the city of Buenos Aires since its very foundation.


Its remodeling began in 2005 and involved the development of archaeological excavations and historical investigations that allowed the reconstruction of the Cassa Lepage´s complex history and of the land that houses it.

Thus, dozens of underground structures and hundreds of objects were recovered from that date back to the beginning of the 17th century.


More than 300 square meters of the current building is dedicated to the exhibition of archaeological remains that allow us to reconstruct daily life in old Buenos Aires.


Hotel guests have unlimited access to the museum, while visitors can attend special guided tours on Fridays.

+54 02972 42 8228


Bolívar 373,  San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina


From XV to today, over 3000 objects recovered from the excavations

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Bolívar 373, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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